About Us

Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) is the largest private sector, farmer-based, umbrella membership Non-governmental Organization (NGO) in Uganda (and one of the largest in East and Central Africa) which advocates for, lobbies and articulates farmers’ developmental issues and programs. Its activities reach grassroots farming communities in all corners of the country.

Specific Objectives

  • Enhance promotion of favorable policies and advocacy for farmers
  • Enhance farmer institutional development and capacity
  • Enhance agribusiness development, financing and resource mobilization
  • Improve natural resources management and agricultural productivity
  • Mainstream Gender and HIV/AIDS in all program activities
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations and support mechanisms at UNFFE
  • Acquire sufficient and sustainable resources for operations and growth at UNFFE.

The membership of UNFFE is made up of over 90 independent associations of farmers, agro-industrialists and agro-commodity dealers. Individual membership to these associations is over 1,000,000 people country-wide of whom about 40% are women. It is a constitutional requirement for all UNFFE member Associations to have at least one third of the leadership consisting of female leaders. The biggest batch of membership is made up of about 70 District Farmers Associations (DFAs) which are spread in the Northern, Eastern, Central and Western regions of Uganda, thus giving the Federation a uniquely national status and representation. Twelve (12) of those DFAs are headed by women as Chairpersons and several Vice-Chairpersons.

UNFFE is made up of the following organs

  • The National Farmers Council which is the supreme governing body of the Federation. The Council is constituted by 3 delegates per member organisation which elects the National Executive Committee.
  • The National Executive Committee (NEC) which is the supreme leadership arm of the Federation which initiates policies which are approved by the Farmers’ Council for implementation by the Secretariat.
  • The Secretariat headed by a Chief Executive Secretary and assisted by a Deputy Chief Executive Secretary, Managers and support staff. These are entrusted with running the day-to-day activities of the Federation as approved by NEC and the Farmers’ Council.

UNFFE Apex is linked to the grassroots farmers through the member District Farmers Associations and the Commodity and Agro-input Associations. For the District Farmers Associations, which are the core founding members of UNFFE, linkage is through the DFA’s District Executive Committee (DEC), the Sub-county Executive Committee (SEC) and the Parish Executive Committee (PEC). The grassroots farmers are organised through Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which are mainly in form of commodity-specific production and more recently financial services provider groups (VSLA groups).